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Our process is flexible and is designed to adapt to your timeline, your specific project and your experience

with the design and marketing process.

The first step is to get to know you, your business and your immediate and future goals. We will want to gain a

thorough understanding of your expectations. This can be done by a customized questionnaire, or in-person or

telephone meeting. Once this step is complete, we are able to create a proposal for the project/s and determine

if we are the best fit. We then create a timeline to ensure deadlines are met, an a work agreement document.

We work with the initial information you give us, ask more questions as needed, and take an opportunity to

research your company’s standing in the market, your industry, customers and target customers, and competition.

With this information, and we develop a game plan (Creative Brief) where we identify your target audience, the

look and feel of design that is most appropriate and outline any requirements and deliverables.


Based on our strategy and established look and feel, we start creating. At this phase, we will develop mock-ups of

the finished product. The format will vary from project to project, but may be made up of sketches, sitemaps,

static digital designs, mood boards, or even fabric or paper samples. The goal is to communicate to you what the

final product will be, to make sure we are on the same page. There will typically be several rounds of revisions as we

tweak and fine-tune the design and content. Final layouts are made, proofed, proofed, and perfected.


Final designs will undergo client approval, at which point we send files to printers, ads to publications, websites to

the internet, digital files to various stakeholders, and so on. Some projects are ongoing, and we will continue

accordingly. Others have a firm completion date or deadline, in which case, we are always on stand-by for

maintenance, revisions and upgrades to meet your needs as your company or product evolves.